Game Mechanics

The game will use the Fate Core System, with the following Changes:

The Drive Skill is removed, replaced by Athletics or Empathy (for animal conveyances) and Lore or Spellcasting (for magical conveyances).

The Physique skill is removed, its benefits rolled into Athletics.

The Investigate skill is removed, replaced by Notice, its utility being rolled into other skills depending on the type of investigation (e.g. Lore to research in books or for investigatory knowledge, Notice for searching an area).

The Spellcasting Skill is added:
The Spellcasting skill covers casting spells using two of the six elements (Life, Metal, Fire, Decay/Entropy, Water, and Earth). A character can take this skill up to three times, selecting a different pair of elements each time. It is a very versatile skill, primarily limited by the required concentration of elemental energy and/or the expense of components to cast a spell.
Overcome: Spellcasting can be used to increase or decrease the concentration of elemental energies in an area, and to cast spells to achieve various effects.
Create an Advantage: Spellcasting can be used to cast spells to achieve effects that create an advantage. It can be used to create an advantage to temporarily increase the concentration of elemental energy in a very small area to allow for limited casting of more powerful spells. It can also be used to modify a known spell based on the area or situation to grant a bonus to casting that spell.
Attack: This is self-explanatory, if appropriate, you can cast attack spells with the appropriate element, as a Power 2 or 3 effect (see Spell Guidelines).
Defend: You can use Spellcasting to defend against spells of the appropriate element by casting a counterspell using the element of the spell being cast on you or its opposing element (generating a random void effect, see below for details).

In addition to its normal uses, Resources can be used to rent or purchase components for magical rituals. Note that only reusable components can be rented.

The Elements:
Life: The life element gathers around living creatures, and makes areas more abundant and healthy. Life spells can heal, promote and control growth, and can provide motive force to inanimate living creatures.
Metal: The metal element gathers around metals. Metal spells can modify the properties of metals, create composite metal materials, and allow for shaping of metal.
Fire: The fire element is associated with energy, particularly heat, and gathers in hot areas, particularly around fires. Fire spells can increase temperature and create and shape fire.
Decay/Entropy: The Decay/Entropy element gathers in areas where dead matter or objects break down and decay. Decay/Entropy spells can be used to quicken or delay rotting, cause nonmetal materials to weaken and break down, cause growth of molds and fungus, and protect from the negative effects of dealing with such decay.
Water: The Water element gathers near water and other liquids. Water spells allow for controlling the movement of water, hydrating and dehydrating objects.
Earth: The Earth element gathers in and near the ground. Earth spells are useful to make objects stronger, fix them firmly in position, and move and shape dirt and stone.

Casting a Spell:
The first step to casting a spell is to determine the elements required for the spell and the power of the spell. See Spell Guidelines for examples of spell effects and their power.
To cast a spell, the concentration of the spell’s element(s) in the area must be at least as high as the power of the spell. An appropriate aspect (e.g. “Gathered [Element] energy”) may be invoked for no bonus in order to allow for casting a spell up to one level higher than the ambient magical concentration of that element.
Power 1 and 2 spells take one action to cast in combat, but may also be cast as a prepared ritual (taking one or a few minutes for Power 1 spells and 10 minutes to a few hours for a Power 2 spell). Power 3 spells can only be cast as rituals requiring several hours. In addition, Power 3 spells often require expensive materials (which are often reusable given time) and so may require a Resources roll in order to cast.

Game Mechanics

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