Notable NPCs

Fellow Aberrants:

Augustus Livia, age 17. The son of the current First Disciple, Bartholomew is unable to cast spells as his body absorbs elemental energy and destroys it to generate effects on himself (e.g. Metal energy turns his skin metallic and makes him incredibly tough). He has some control and can prevent himself from doing so as long as the level of elemental energy in his vicinity is low. He has a Wizard with him at all times to help protect his secret, the story being that he has a rare but serious malady that requires constant Life magic to keep at bay.

Moira Callaghan, Age 20. The daughter of a prominent Doctor Wizard, Phyllis is unable to generate magical effects with any elements other than Entropy, Fire, and Water.

Clara Huerta, Age 19. The daughter of a Magician, instead of only generating and drawing in Life elemental energy, Linda creates and draws in all elemental energy types up to her equilibrium point for each element.

Marcus Pellegrino, Age 22. When Mark uses the void effect of Fire and Earth, instead of only a visual and auditory opening, he opens a physical portal to the other location, although the portal is difficult to look at and does not give any indication of what is on the other side.

Collegia Magica Students:

Collegia Magica Staff:

Lorena Morreti, Associate Professor, age 67. Lauren is an archwizard who served several terms on the Imperial Council, but retired professionally some time ago. She recently came out of retirement to teach a few courses on advanced magical theory at the Collegia Magica. This is a cover for her real duties, which are to contain and study people who have the apparent ability to violate the Laws of Magic.

Arthur Middleton, Head Librarian, age 33. Arthur was a magical prodigy, until a tragic accident in his early teens cost him his left arm and leg. Immediate sorcerous healing magic saved his life, but unfortunately miscasting also made limb regeneration prohibitively expensive. After his accident, he received prosthetics from priests of Drassat, and became a devotee of that deity. Although his spellcasting ability is greatly hampered by his injury, he is still a brilliant scholar and has achieved renown for his knowledge in several fields.

Valentino Amorelli, age 62. Potter is the grizzled old groundskeeper, and has been working at the Collegia Magica for almost all of his life. He can frequently be seen doing maintenance work around the university grounds.

Notable NPCs

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