Religion, Government, and Magic

Religion, government, and magic are intertwined in this world.

Long ago, The Betrayer attempted to corrupt and conquer the world, creating an army of twisted creatures to serve him. In order to defeat him, the Pantheon pooled their powers to allow Arcanos, the God King to incarnate in the mortal world.

When Arcanos, the God King, descended to the mortal realm, he created and taught humanity the Laws of Magic and how to use them to cast spells. With the aid of human heroes, he slew The Betrayer and bound his corpse forever in an inaccessible and inescapable prison.

Arcanos, the God King taught men of the other gods of the Pantheon, who live in the distant heavens, and provided instructions on how to worship them. He established himself as the Emperor, ruling over all of mankind. He also established an educational system to train magicians and wizards, and made certain that everyone understood at least the basics of the Laws of Magic. It is noteworthy that, other than Arcanos, the God King and The Betrayer, the gods only interact with the world through natural processes, and that all that is known about the gods was passed down by Arcanos, the God King. Although a theocracy, the Empire allows the practice of Other Religions, as long as they are not disguises for worship of The Betrayer or otherwise clearly inimical to the Empire or the Church.

The Church is closely intertwined with the Imperial Government, and all but the lowest government officials must be members of the Church

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Religion, Government, and Magic

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