World History

Over a millennium ago, The Betrayer stole the power of the other gods and attempted to conquer the world and remake it in his own evil image. Pooling their resources, the gods gave Arcanos, the God King the power to incarnate in the world and defeat The Betrayer.

Arcanos, the God King created and taught humanity how to use the Laws of Magic. He also told of the other gods of the Pantheon and how they preferred to be worshipped.

As part of his efforts to defeat The Betrayer and wipe out all knowledge of his worship, Arcanos, the God King united all of humankind into the Empire of Man, with himself as its ruler, supported by his chosen Apostles who handled most of the day to day affairs of ruling. Together with his Apostles, he created the Church to spread the worship of the Pantheon as well as to assist him in ruling, creating branches to focus on each of the gods, although the ruling body was always hand-picked by Arcanos, the God King and typically represented his most ardent and magically gifted followers. Arcanos, the God King generally allowed the different countries that were united to form the Empire to govern themselves, although all were required to support the Church and to provide all of their citizens education, particularly regarding the Pantheon and the Laws of Magic.

A hundred years ago, Arcanos, the God King disappeared. The First Apostle announced that the Emperor had returned to the heavens, and produced a document written and signed by him indicating that he knew he would soon be gone, but that he trusted the Church to continue ruling the Empire in his stead, as they had handled affairs so well for him over the years. In the wake of his disappearance, trust in the Church eroded, and several countries left the Empire. Some returned after diplomatic negotiations, but the Empire is not as unified as it once was. In addition, the branches of the Church devoted to other deities have been pushing for a stronger position, as with Arcanos, the God King no longer present, all of the Pantheon should be equally represented on the ruling council.

Recently, there have been rumors of people capable of breaking the Laws of Magic which, although largely not believed, has led many to speculate as to what might be going on if such people exist, and what should be done with them. There is a strong movement that any evidence of such would indicate that the world is ending or that The Betrayer is somehow coming back.

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World History

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