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Magician – A person licensed to cast a few spells (usually 1-6). Magicians are relatively common and even a village will likely have a few Magicians. Note that most of these spells will likely be Power 1.

Archmage – A person licensed to cast a large number of spells (7-12), generally related, likely including a few Power 2 Spells and possible a Power 3 Spell. Often oversees a group of Magicians in casting spells, e.g. a team for handling pest control and irrigation for several large farms or as a quarry master using spells to enhance safety and/or aid in extraction in a mining operation. Archmages are uncommon, although a prosperous town likely has 1-3.

Wizard – A person licensed to create new spells and cast many spells, usually restricted by element. Wizards are relatively rare, and usually found only in cities.

Archwizard – A person licensed to create new spells and cast spells related to any element. Archwizards are extremely rare, with just over a hundred in the entire Empire.

Sorcerer – A person casting a spell that they are no licensed to cast. Note that this is generally frowned upon, but not illegal. Also note that a Sorceror can also be a Magician, Archmage, or Wizard casting a spell that is outside of their limited license.


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