Spell Guidelines

Below is a list of the elements, with associated spell effects at each power, followed by some examples of spells that combine multiple elements.

Power 1 – heal a bruise or small cut, cause a seedling to sprout, increase growth of a small plant or patch of grass to become noticeable, make a supple tree move one or a few branches semi-randomly.
Power 2 – heal a large cut or similar injury, cure a cold, make a plant grow before your eyes, move a strong tree in a specific manner (use limbs to grab someone).
Power 3 – knit broken bones, regrow lost limbs, wake someone from a coma, cure a disease, animate a tree and allow it to uproot itself and follow simple directions.

Power 1 – determine about how much of a particular metal is nearby and its approximate location, allow for shaping of metal by hand, temporarily increase or decrease ductility and/or strength, combine two base metals to make a compound metal (e.g. tin and copper to make pewter).
Power 2 – allow for shaping of metal from a short distance away, greatly increase ductility and/or strength and other metal properties, combine 3-4 metals to make a compound metal material that mixes the properties of the individual metals.
Power 3 – shape a metal from a long distance, combine numerous metals to make a compound metal material with the most desirable properties of the individual metals.

Power 1 – make a room hotter or colder, make a small flame, move flames in one direction.
Power 2 – make a flame large and hot enough to damage a person or object in combat, create openings in flames.
Power 3 – cover an area in damaging flames, create a wall of fire.

Power 1 – spoil food, make machines work less efficiently, make mold grow slightly more quickly, make food spoil more slowly.
Power 2 – selectively spoil food, badly damage a nonmetal object, coat an object in mold or fungus.
Power 3 – Instantly rot dead matter to almost nothing, create a disease, make a nonmetal object virtually useless for its normal purpose.

Power 1 – find nearby sources of water, make an area dry or damp, make a weak current in a small body of water, purify water.
Power 2 – create a blast of water that can injure a person or damage objects, hold water in a shape on the ground.
Power 3 – instantly dehydrate an area, purify a lake, irrigate a huge farm, create a torrential rain.

Power 1 – allow for hand sculpting of rock and digging of dirt, make loose dirt harden to a clay like consistency, make an object significantly heavier.
Power 2 – Move sizable chunks of nearby dirt or rock with enough force to harm a person or object, allow for short range sculpting of dirt and rock, make loose dirt harden to a concrete consistency, make a man-sized or smaller object double in weight.
Power 3 – cause an earthquake, create a hillock, turn dirt to rock or vice versa, almost instantly shape a large amount of earth or rock, make a stone structure virtually indestructible, make a small object virtually immovable.

Life and Metal:
Power 1 – make a toy metal carriage move on its own, cause metal to mend itself
Power 2 – make an existing golem or other construct animate and follow simple instructions
Power 3 – animate an already constructed golem capable of following simple instructions

Life and Earth:
Power 1 – animate a small amount of dirt and stone, give a living creature a minor increase to strength or toughness
Power 2 – make a living creature harder or less mobile

Decay/Entropy and Metal:
Allows for Decay/Entropy spells to be used to affect metal objects.

Metal and Fire:
Power 2 – wreathe a sword in damaging flames

Decay/Entropy and Life:
When cancelling each other out as part of a spell, these elements briefly open a doorway into the spirit world, allowing for conversation with the dead.
Power 1 – ask someone less than about a day dead a few questions
Power 2 – hold an extended conversation with someone less than a day dead, or a few questions of someone up to about four days dead
Power 3 – have an extensive discussion with someone a few days dead, or a few questions of someone up to about a week dead

Fire and Earth:
When cancelling each other out as part of a spell, these elements briefly allow visual and auditory communication with other locations in the world.
Power 1 – have a static filled conversation and viewing of a place within a few miles
Power 2 – have an understandable conversation and clear view of an area within a few miles, or a static filled conversation and viewing of an area within about a hundred miles
Power 3 – have a clear conversation and viewing of any location you can reasonably designate in the world

Metal and Water:
When cancelling each other out as part of a spell, these elements allow communication with other planes.
Power 1 – Contact a minor and weak intelligence
Power 2 – Contact an intelligent creature with localized power
Power 3 – Attempt to contact a deity or powerful servant thereof

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Spell Guidelines

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